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ISO friends <3

I'm a 27yr old dyke - bohemian, photographer, artist, poet, musician... ecclectic, eccentric and full of piss and vinegar.  I just moved to NoHo a couple months ago from Philly.  I have a gf and a handful of aquaintances but I really want to meet more people without having to go to Diva's all the time.  I don't mind a night of good dancing but I don't always do the club/bar scene you know?  Tell me... honestly... is there anything else to do in this town to meet people? 
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There's various open mic nights (Sam's, The Yellow Sofa) and various themed nights at the Bishop's Lounge- a much smaller venue than Diva's that I like a million times more. There's also queer night at the Watering Hole on Thursdays starting around 10.

As for art stuff, there's always gallery openings and performances happening downtown, as well as in neighboring towns, though I haven't done much of that myself.

Also, make sure you go outside on the really beautiful days. You'd be surprised how many people you meet just sitting outside at Woodstar or walking around on a beautiful day. Also, if you have a dog, people meet each other at the dog park all the time, and that's just a really neat area to walk around in general.
Forgot to mention- welcome to the area from another Philly native! You'll like it here, it just takes a while to get used to after living in a bigger city.
Thank you so much for your suggestions, this will certainly help :-D

You're from Philly too? Where abouts? I was in Delaware County.
Technically outside of Philly- Chester County (Downingtown to be precise), but I went to high school in Newtown. The thing that you'll probably miss the most is not being able to go to Wawa or find water ice...
I'll be your friend! My partner and I just moved to Eaho after moving around a bunch and are looking for just the same kind of thing. You sound lovely, may I add you?
Pretty please? :-D

Lovely eh? Why thank you! *strut*

Deleted comment

Sounds like fun, thanks!
see? so much easier on the internet! at least in my experience... :]
Yes! Just out of curiosity do you have a chat client? AIM, Gmail, YIM?
Don't know if you or your partner are interested in politics or taking classes... my partner and I met a ton of fabulous people when we joined a dem political group... that was years ago but we're still friends with that awesome group.... If you are into art the Guild people seem interesting... lots of interesting classes there... I met some cool people taking a very spontaneous knitting class at Noho wools... with the result of a huge number of scarves that are uh cat hair full...
I'm not super political but it sounds interesting none the less. I suppose I just never educated myself on the subject. The Guild sounds like a good idea and I do like knitting though the only things I can make are rectangle/square; blankets,scarves lol.

It appears that we may have some things in common, may I add you?