naked_carrot (naked_carrot) wrote in pioneer_queers,

Anybody have a great doctor?

Does anyone on here have a primary care physician who is particularly awesome and have a lot of experience with trans guys? I have been on Dr. Stephanie Billings' waiting list for about a year now and am giving up on her. I live in Northampton and would ideally like to find someone who can be both a PCP and do my endocrinology/other transition related stuff for me (currently seeing Jeffrey Korff, but the fewer doctors I have to schedule appointments with the better). My health insurance is United. Figured I'd ask here before I started stumbling around hoping to find someone good.

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Dr. Marci Yoss at Pioneer Valley Family Practice is amazing and trans-friendly. She's just a PCP, not an endo, but she can order bloodwork for you and check your T levels so you just have to get your actual T script from Korff.

I have no idea if she's accepting new patients or not or whether she takes your insurance, but I highly recommend her.

Good luck finding a doc! It's tough in this area.
Hey Jamie,
My Dr. is Wendelin Reymond, at Valley Medical Group in Florence (Noho). I can tell you that she's a PCP, not an endo, but she's absolutely fabulous, a good listener, and very, very knowledgable. She's queer herself, and I'm while I'm not sure how she is with trans stuff, I can say that my partner uses female pronouns but uses a traditionally "male" name instead of her birth name, and the Dr. had no trouble calling her whatever she wanted to be called. (I mean, it's something, right?) Anyway, Pioneer Valley Medical Group is pretty awesome in general, and it's been super easy for me to get appointments when I need them.
Good luck!